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10 symptoms that women should be aware of.

10 symptoms that women should be aware of

There are several important processes throughout our body that control the hormones. Men or not, but compared to men, the hormones system in women is more complicated, and there is more chance of disorder. It is important to know that hormones are affected if they are affected, behavioral attitude, good personality and appearance. But these signs need to be understood.

Women know that their hormone system is infected and then the doctor should be referred to,
Nail acne and black head appear suddenly when nail am is blocked, however, some medical experts claim that nail acne exposure results in sudden changes in the hormones in the body.

For example, the level of androgen decreases the whole body due to nail acids. It is often done with women in the ninth era, but it is likely to occur in middle ages too. Often cold if a woman often suffers headache (removing mental stress or removing fatigue) it may result in decreasing estrogen levels. Estrogen is a hormone which controls brain and spinal metabolic process in women,
If this amount is too high or too low, half of the headaches or acne paints occur. Anxiety complaint is anxiously a dangerous sign because it is associated with the lower level of the projection. According to medical experts, this hormone is naturally calm and brings sleep to normal, its surface change often disappears. When women usually get children, the level of estrogen and progesters is seen to decrease, but it does not happen by removing it, if so, it is a sign of referring to the doctor.
Taking too much sweat is suddenly one of the major signs of sweating or excessive sweating in the balance of fever hormones, hormones control the physical temperature, and they increase the feeling of heat in the form of non-balance, sweat sweat Looks like the fever and the fever gets tired. Constantly fatigue each faces some fatigue, but if a woman feels fatigue at all times, even if not comfortable enough, it may be a sign of imbalance in hormones. Tremendous fatigue may result in problems in the process of becoming Thai Radi Hormones. A sudden change in weight if the harmonium system is not balanced, physical weight increases Why do not you use healthy foods? Deficiency of specific hormones or abundance increases fat volume while increasing the size of the body. For example, increase in estrogen, cortecol or insulin levels increases the body’s fat. Similarly, low levels of thai-raced hormones reduce slow metabolism and increases body volume. Lack of hair loss hair can also be the result of thai-rides, insulin or testosterone, for example, in this men, this hormones fill their body heavily and hairily. But most of the hormones in women lead to dyeing water. System-related problems, according to a research, increase the level of estrogen affecting the micro-fluorescence, thus the higher levels of this hormone can cause stomachache and pain. Forget the things constantly forget things and focus on things Neglecting can be the result of different elements in which the imbalance of the hormone system is also a cause. The reduction in cortexol and estrogen levels causes it. According to various medical research reports, decrease in estrogen levels causes things to forget Not focusing on the hazardous and neutral minds, thus reducing the level of courtesy affects short-term memory. Having no control over hunger, Hormones’ role in controlling appetite and admiration is very important and the balance of their balance makes the hunger out of control. Regarding controlling hunger, the role of laptops and guerrillas is important, among whom Lippin reduces hungry, while the guerrillas tell the body when we want to eat.

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