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Addressing Misconceptions about Stem Cell Therapy

Discovery of the potential that stem cell therapy had was celebrated around the medical community. The use of these special cells is to address some of the most complicated medical conditions mankind has ever seen such as cancer. The recipients of these medical treatments who are the populace have also heard about the benefits of this new therapy and its potential for changing medical research and treatment permanently. As always, whenever there is the dissemination of complex medical information it is possible for a lot of information to be misunderstood. This has led to some misconceptions about stem cells pervading the common consciousness and leading to misunderstanding of this therapy as a whole. Here, we address some of the most common misconceptions.

Stem cells are varied and specific

A common misconception is that stem cells are multipurpose and can be used to treat anything. The reality is that stem cells are quite specific in the kind of cells that they are able to produce. Mesenchymal stem cells, for example, are able to create connective tissue cells and are such useful in treating conditions such as inflamed joints. They are also able to help in cancer treatment as they produce cytokines which reduce inflammation. It is important to be wary of any medical facility that offers up stem cells as a cure-all.

Stem cells need guidance to perform their duties

Stem cell therapy is not simple as the injection of these cells into the damaged or diseased area of the body and hoping for the best. There are hacks out there that are preaching this sort of message. The reality is that these cells must be instructed on what to do once they are injected in the target area. This is usually done chemically. It ensures that they integrate into the body as needed and perform their desired function. This is why stem cell treatments take a long time to develop.

Stem cell treatments are mostly in the research phase

There are those who think that stem cell treatment is ready for mass use. The reality is that medical researchers have only completed research on some such as Mesenchymal stem cells. They are, therefore, only starting to undertake clinical trials to measure the effectiveness of these treatments and the best way to use them. In order for these treatments to be perfected and made safe for mass use, it will take some time and, so patience is needed. 

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