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ANC Classes in Bangalore: A Boob for To-Be Parents in the City

Antenatal or ANC classes Bangalore are now being the most sought out by many to- be parents for various reasons. The meaning of antenatal is care before birth. The aim of ANC is to take care of the mother as well as the unborn baby. During this stage mother and father have questions about the unborn baby, how to tackle the period of pregnancy and labor, what to do after becoming a parent etc, and ANC’s are here to resolve them.
These classes are designed to prepare both the parents for the newborn baby and enter the new world of childbirth. The purpose of these classes is to provide information on delivery aspects both natural and caesarian. ANC’s are also a way to clear your fear and learn new skills and meet other people who are going through the same phase as you. Attending an ANC helps bringing sustainable positivity change in the mother by giving them a peaceful mind so they can see a safe, respectful delivery and making them feel the center of the universe. Attending these classes will help you in both antenatal and prenatal care such as:
  • Taking care of yourself during pregnancy like good nutrition and what diet to follow
  • Both emotional and physical changes you might undergo (mother)
  • Care for your back ache
  • Exercises
  • Practicing breathing techniques to help during labor in pain
  • Options for a pain-free delivery
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Prenatal asana and yoga to help maintain stamina and flexibility
  • Home remedies to help in problems like back pain, nausea etc
  • Talk about antenatal screening tests
  • Help prepare you for labor and birth of your child
  • Learn how to bound by using music and books to bond with your baby
  • Maintain a good communication with your husband (many ladies tend to get temperamental)
  • Interactive discussions to prepare your mind and body for delivery and the life ahead
  • Learning how to massage your baby
  • How to change nappies and swaddle the little angle
  • Breastfeeding and benefits for you and your baby

The ANC classes Bangalore, also known as parent craft classes, deal with all aspects related to the birth and care of the baby afterwards including feeding the baby. You learn about the arrangements available for the delivery of your baby and the choices that are available. They help you in making a birth plan chart so you can arrange your diet, appointments, medications and check-ups. Knowing everything before gives the to-be parents’ confidence in dealing with pregnancy and care of baby on a daily basis, thus preventing the state of depression that some women might face and prepare you for welcoming the newborn into your life with confidence.  

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