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6 Easy Tips for Clean Eating on a Small Budget

Ever thought about cleaning up your diet but worry about the price tags on all that healthy food? You’re not alone. Whole Foods Market, often nicknamed “Whole Paycheck” for its prices, recently announced the launch of a new, budget-friendly store geared toward millennial shoppers who share these cost concerns. “It’s …

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The Things You Really Should Be Counting Instead of Calories

Calorie counting is the go-to weight loss method for many. Yet, calories aren’t a great indicator of healthfulness, and many suggest they shouldn’t be your main eating focus. The debate surrounding calories stems from the fact that calories really aren’t equal. To illustrate, compare 100 calories of soda to 100 …

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I Ate Pizza for Breakfast Every Day for a Week—Because a Nutritionist Said It Was Healthier Than Cereal

I’ve always been a fan of pizza. In high school, I looked forward to the one time each week my parents would order a pie for dinner—and then the cold leftover slice I would inevitably eat for breakfast the following morning. So when I heard about a nutritionist who said pizza can be …

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Foods That Most Likely to Get You Sick, According to the Centers for Disease Control

foods that most likely to get you sick, according to the centers for disease control Foods That Most Likely to Get You Sick, According to the Centers for Disease Control 1x1

Home cooks are increasingly seeing alarming headlines about national outbreaks of serious food-borne illnesses—and with the recent fervor over one of the worst E. coli outbreaks in the last decade, the topic of food safety has never been so relevant. So when WebMD, the website which many turn to when …

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