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Could Smoking be Making you Un-dateable? It’s Time to Change to an Electronic Cigarette

This article looks at how smoking could affect your personal life.
The problems associated with smoking have long been documented, particularly their long term effects on health and appearance. But new research has also found that smoking could cause considerable damage to your personal life as well.
One of the most comprehensive studies of UK smoking habits has revealed that 53% of people wouldn’t date a smoker, even if they were the partner of their dreams. Fag breath was one of the deciding factors of their view, with eight out of ten people listing it as their biggest turn off.
Three quarters of those surveyed wouldn’t date a smoker because of their smelly clothes while 50% said it was stained yellow teeth and finger nails that put them off. Half of the non smokers questioned were also concerned that their risk of passive smoking was inevitable if they were dating a smoker.
With yet more reasons to kick the habit, more people are considering switching to an electronic cigarette. As they only emit water vapour, they do not create the same unpleasant smell that taints clothes and breathe which can turn off potential love interests. However, the eliquid does contain the nicotine that the body craves, so can replace your need for a tobacco cigarette and aid your attempts to quit once and for all.
One of the other benefits of switching to an electronic cigarette is the variety on offer. While tobacco has the same taste day in day out, the changeable eliquid in electronic cigarettes is available in a variety of flavours.  So while you may wish to start with tobacco flavour to adequately replace your craving for a cigarette, you could go on to sample various flavours such as banana, coconut, coffee and cola!
When smoking begins to affect all aspects of your life including your love life, it could be time to consider if your addiction is really worth the hassle. With lack of willpower cited as the top reason for not quitting, an electronic cigarette could fill the craving. With the look and feel the same as a conventional cigarette, as well as the same throat hit, it’ll be difficult to tell the difference aside from the lack of ‘fag breath’ and fresher smelling clothes.
An electronic cigarette could also be a helpful hint if you have a partner but are constantly frustrated by their smoking habit. They may never have considered making the change or just need the final push to switch. Whatever the reason, excuses for carrying on the habit are running low.
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