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E-cigarettes: Smoking out the Competition

Want to give up smoking but finding it hard to kick the habit? Tried before using things available on the market but found none of them to be any us?

Want to give up smoking but finding it hard to kick the habit? Tried before using things available on the market but found none of them to be any us? A new idea has come to light which is creating a bit of a buzz (excuse the pun) among people who find smoking ‘normal’ cigarettes a little hard to give up. These alternatives are good for people who wish to smoke in a place where smoking is prohibited, which is just about everywhere these days and offer a less harmful experience to you and others. If you are not familiar with e-cigarettes, they are cigarettes that deliver nicotine without you actually burning anything.
Delivering the Punch
These new e-cigarettes actually deliver nicotine in a warm water mist that is legal to use indoors in the UK. We even have the red tip on the end to make us believe we are smoking. It also comes in handy to stop those situations when you are in a club and an over-zealous bouncer tries to eject you for smoking. Fun aside; e-cigarettes seem to be a real option for people who want to avoid the damage caused by the multitude of other chemicals in a regular cigarette. Yes, we are still taking in nicotine and that in itself is a toxin, but we are greatly reducing the intake of other harmful substances usually associated smoking.
Something for Fans Star Trek
A few years back, you would have been forgiven if you thought only fans of Star Trek would be considering vaporizing their cigarettes, but it seems they are becoming popular with the mainstream. There are even rum-ours of Star Wars fans using them, but that is just hearsay at the moment. One thing is certain, it’s smoking, but not as we know it. In fact, e-cigarettes have been around a lot longer than most people realise. They were invented in the year 2000 and they we first on sale to the public in 2004 although they did not arrive in the UK until much later.
The Burning Question
The thing everyone wants to know is ‘do they work?’ The answer is yes. They stop people craving nicotine, they stop people smelling like an ashtray and you can use them anywhere. Whether or not you will see the modern equivalent of James Dean or Colin Farrell sporting them is another question, but stranger things happen every day. The problem is that the UK government makes so much money from traditional cigarettes; we need to ask ourselves if we are being patriotic by switching to the safer option?
It is only a matter of time before the tax on an E cigarette catches up with traditional tobacco based cigarettes, so make the most of them while you can.

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