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Electronic Cigarettes: The Future of Smoking

First there was the electronic television set, which revolutionized leisure time and all but did away with magic lantern shows.

First there was the electronic television set, which revolutionized leisure time and all but did away with magic lantern shows. Then there was the electronic calculator, which revolutionized counting and all but did away with the abacus. Now there is the electronic cigarette, which, it is hoped, will revolutionize smoking and do away with people doing away with them as a result of the health problems associated with regular smoking.
The electronic cigarette was first introduced in the US in 2007 and offered smokers an alternative to smoking tobacco. Its popularity has grown steadily over the course of the last few years with many people opting to replace their old cigarettes with electronic cigarettes.
When you smoke a regular cigarette you aren’t actually physically addicted to the act of smoking. Instead you’re addicted to the nicotine that laces the tobacco that you are smoking. That build-up of stress that you feel when you go a few hours without a cigarette isn’t actually stressed at all; it’s your body craving the addictive properties of nicotine. When you inhale that cigarette however, along with the nicotine, you are also inhaling a burning agent – tar – as well as over 4000 other harmful chemicals that lace the tobacco. In fact, several tobacco companies purposefully lace their tobacco with other additives in order to make them even more addictive. Naughty tobacco companies!
Breathe In the Benefits
By smoking an electronic cigarette you getting your hit of nicotine without any of the other harmful toxins that are craftily weaved into a regular cigarette. Additional benefits of an electronic cigarette include:
  • Saving Money – Electronic cigarettes are considerably cheaper than smoking standard cigarettes. A typical pack of twenty branded cigarettes currently costs between £7 to £8; whereas a packet of five electronic refills will set you back approximately £9. Each refill is the equivalent of 25 cigarettes, meaning that one refill costs less than £2 per packet. If you change from smoking standard cigarettes to electronic cigarettes you’ll make a yearly saving of roughly £2200.
  • A Cleaner Lifestyle – With an electronic cigarette your breath won’t smell of smoke and neither will your hair, you clothes or your home. There’ll also be no cigarette butts lying around and no ash spills.
  • Smoke Less – When you smoke a standard cigarette you tend to smoke it to the end. With an electronic cigarette you can smoke it as you feel necessary; you can puff away at it for a few seconds and then pop it back into your pocket.
Electric cigarette smoking is becoming increasingly popular and is the sensible choice for those wanting to have better health as well as better finances. Light up without lighting up today.

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