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How To Prevent Your Office Job From Making You Ugly!

Working indoors all day in an office may not be most people’s idea of fun, but on top of that it could possibly make you ugly as well! Combat this early!
Working indoors all day in an office may not be most people’s idea of fun, but on top of that it could possibly be making you ugly! Many contributing factors of the typical office environment have a detrimental effect not only on the way we feel but also on the way we look. Taking steps early on to combat these issues can result in you feeling and looking a whole lot better.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for healthy skin, but chances are if you work indoors you are not getting enough of it. Try taking supplements, or invest in a vitamin D desk lamp. Not only will this help your skin stay looking fresh, but it also significantly helps with other health issues such as SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and other mood-related disorders associated with not getting enough natural light.


Many aspects of staring at a computer screen all day cause premature ageing in the form of wrinkles. Whether it’s frown lines caused by squinting or the beginnings of a ‘turkey neck’ due to holding your head in an unnatural position to read documents all day, office workers are subject to the early onset of wrinkles. This can be combated by performing regular neck and facial exercises throughout the day to prevent muscles from shortening.

Poor Posture

Sitting in office chairs all day can result in poor posture, with hunched shoulders and curvature of the spine being the main offenders. Consider getting an ergonomics expert to come and give yourself and your co-workers a talk about how to sit correctly to avoid these issues as well as potential long term health risks to your back. If this is not possible, look up correct sitting posture tips on the internet and try to train yourself to sit correctly at all times.

Stress Rash

We all know stress is bad, but did you also know that it can manifest itself as a skin complaint? Some workers in highly stressful jobs report the appearance of skin rashes or dry, flaky patches similar to eczema. Using a good quality skin cream and practicing some relaxation techniques such as meditation can help to prevent this from happening.

Weight Gain

Sitting down all day makes it all too easy to add a few unwanted pounds, especially when you hit the vending machine whenever you need a boost. Try to take regular exercise, both within the workplace to ease tired muscles and outside of working hours. Bring your own lunch to work and supplement it with a range of healthy snacks to keep hunger at bay without heading to the vending machine for crisps or chocolate.

Dry Skin

As well as stress rash, working long hours in an air-conditioned building can lead to dry skin. Keep hand lotion at your desk and stay well hydrated throughout the day by drinking plenty of water and avoiding caffeinated beverages. This will go a long way towards keeping your skin moisturized.
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