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Marketing Secrets Of A Personal Trainer

A look at the best way to market yourself as a personal trainer.
All the times that I’ve helped a fitness professional grow their business, there is one thing that seems to be the most challenging for all fitness pros. And that is, asking for the money, going for the sale. They conjure up these images of used car salesman or something. And, although I have seen that technique at some health clubs, that is certainly not the way that you have to do it.

Remember, you are a problem solver. So, you have to view the challenges that your client has or potential client has as something that you have the ability to resolve. And, you can overcome any sales objections by showing them how you will resolve the challenge that they currently perceive. It may not even be a real challenge. It’s just their perception of what could be a challenge or become a challenge.
So remember, you are the expert and you have to portray yourself as the expert in a friendly manner to where they know you are the expert. They also feel confident that you have the ability to resolve their challenges, and that you can give them exactly what they want. Whether it’s a first workout, one that will flatten their stomach, firm their arms, get them in shape for a wedding, a reunion, a vacation, whatever it is. But remember, you are a problem solver.
Be Honest With Yourself
And, the other challenges that sometimes fitness professionals have doubts about their product or service and that leads to uncertainly in their delivery of the pitch to close the sale. So, you have to ask yourself and to be really honest with yourself “Is your product or service up to the standard to where you would feel confident in selling it someone?”
Often and times, people lack that confidence in what they’ve done. Maybe their training isn’t up to par. Maybe they need to get more education. Maybe the book they wrote doesn’t have the answers that it claims to have. Maybe the exercise video doesn’t have the correct information in it. Or, the video quality wasn’t right, whatever it is. But, if that creates any doubt in your mind about the service or the product that you have to offer, you are not going to portray your product or service or even feel confident about your self in the right way to deliver that message to be able to ask for the sale, to close the deal, to provide the service and then to reap the rewards for you and the client.
Mark is a personal trainer and fitness instuctor from Ealing London. You can visit his new website at Livelifefitness.co.uk

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