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Overcoming Stress – Tips to College Students on Varied Issues

Introduction: Stress is indeed an unavoidable aspect of living in this century and affects most people living on Planet Earth. It is not really stress that matters but how one reacts and responds to stress that is very crucial and important, considering aspects like mental health, physical health and well being and other adverse impacts that stress could induce and produce in humans, over short, medium and long term.

Indeed prolonged exposure to stress is dangerous since it could be major cause of deaths due to suicides, accidents and other stress related causes.

Tip Number 1: The best way for college students to overcome stress is indeed to avoid stress- inducing situations:

While this statement may sound a bit paradoxical, it has full grains of truth in it. If stress could be avoidable, then please do so. Chain smoking, binge drinking, recreational drugs and unsafe sexual relations, all of these could cause considerable amount of stress, once the ‘high’ turns ‘low’. It is thus best avoided and if it cannot be totally avoided, it should best be controlled and closely monitored to work for the students and not against them.

Tip Number 2: Get to the roots of the problems rather than dwelling on inconsequentials:

While students are besieged with stress situations, they consider all matters except the real one. It is important to pinpoint and focus on the REAL ISSUE rather than peripheral ones. For instance, if a student is worried about her low grades, it could be due to poor studying habits or a memory retention problem. It is best to seek professional medical help to address such problems and remedy them, once and for all. Anti Stress solutions cannot be gained until and unless the real problem is identified, assessed, evaluated and remedied through interventionist methods. Merely harping on the problem does not resolve, but exacerbate it.

Tip Number 3: Relationship problems could best be resolved by talking things over with the other partner:

Communications skills are intrinsic for any relationship to survive and thrive and lack of effective communication could worsen the situation, as would a breakdown in dialogues. While this is not really defending arguments and verbal spats, it does seem to consider that talking things out in polite, disciplined, refined and courteous manner does break the ice and lead the way to more fruitful results, especially if these are a result of misunderstandings and wrong impressions about facts and situations. Explanations do help mend relationships if they are punctuated with expressions of contrite and repentance. However, concerned parties must be interested in solving pending issues rather than competing on who could shout the loudest. It is also necessary to consider the other person’s perspective, and think things over from their viewpoints too. This strategy would indeed go a long way in reducing stress situations.
Tip Number 4: Academic issues may be resolved by openly discussing with educators, peer and cohort groups:

Not all students are academically similarly gifted and some may be slower learners and less active doers than others. This fact has to be believed and accepted by educators, who cannot make unreasonable academic demands consistent on all students, since each of them have their own Learning Curves and academic Comfort Zones. However, revealing one’s strengths and weaknesses and make attempts to strengthen strengths and eliminate weaknesses with the help of educators is indeed the right step for better academic performance and lesser stress situations.

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