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Quitting Smoking With Electronic Cigarettes

It is possible to quit smoking with electronic cigarettes as they can complement other methods of giving up smoking such as gum and patches.

Electronic cigarettes have been on the market for a relatively short time but already they have quite a following. It has been estimated that there are well over a million users – although this is compared to 9 million smokers – and not all of them only use e-cigarettes. Some of this number also smoke tobacco or use tobacco substitutes such as patches, sprays or gum as an aid to quitting smoking. Some also use e-cigs as a means to smoke when out of the house although with legislation catching up fast, this option may well be closing. Most users argue that since the reason for banning smoking in public places was to prevent secondary smoking, electronic cigarettes should not be banned but the argument goes deeper than that.

Do electronic cigarettes re-normalize smoking?

There are many arguments on the question of whether vaping (as smoking an electronic cigarette is called) encourages smoking but the general consensus seems to be that it doesn’t. Peer pressure is the reason most people give for starting to smoke and with far fewer young smokers now beginning to smoke that pressure is far less. Also, if a young person vapes a flavored electronic cigarette, the flavor can be anything from watermelon to popcorn and after that a real cigarette would come as a nasty surprise – from that point of view, vaping could be said to be likely to put youngsters off smoking if anything. The problem many people have with giving up is that they don’t have anything to do with their hands – e-cigs give them something to fiddle with which gets them over that hurdle, so in that respect, they are a good aid to quitting smoking.

What about the chemicals

Electronic cigarettes are thoroughly checked and recent legislation has brought them under the umbrella of the UK body which is in overall charge of medicines and medical products. This means that any changes to the chemical constituents in electronic cigarettes will need to be passed by them so essentially you can be sure that they will always be safe from now on because they will be rigorously checked. Oncologists who specialize in lung cancers are convinced that with more people using e-cigs all the while that deaths from cancer and smoking related diseases will fall steadily from now on. Because people find it easier to quit smoking when they have something which mimics all of the social side as well as the nicotine hit, vaping should mean that more quitters will succeed. Many people vape socially because it makes them feel more of a group than going outside to smoke a cigarette in the cold and damp. With winter coming on, there will be a sharp increase in the use of e-cigs and most people who try them carry on and eventually become successful non-smokers although some keep up using nicotine free electronic cigarette.

Although the use of electroniccigarettes appears to be controversial, they appear to be a good help in quitting smoking.

Rob Steen is a freelance copywriter who is an expert in healthcare questions.He sometimes writes for electronic cigarette supplier Prestige-Vaping.

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