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Wake Up! The Best Alarm Clocks In The World

With hundreds of ways to be woken up, from countryside cockerels to blaring alarms – check out some of the best alarm calls across the world.
Waking up is hard to do for most of us. How we are woken can play a big part in how we feel about the day ahead. Some of us prefer to leap out of bed as soon as the alarm goes off, others hit snooze as many times as they can get away with. Some like to be woken with a start, others to be gently roused from slumber. There are thousands of ways to be woken up, from countryside cockerels to blaring alarms. Check out some of the best alarm calls across the world.

Daylight Simulators

Many are opting for daylight simulators rather than noisy alarm clocks these days. They gradually lighten the room at the appointed time so you feel like you are waking with the sun no matter what the time of year. These are certainly a more gentle option, but if you tend to sleep with your head under the covers then they will do nothing for you.

Azan Call To Prayer

In Muslim countries people rise to the sound of the Muezzin calling them to prayer through loudspeakers situated at intervals throughout the towns and villages. The Muezzins are chosen because of their soft, melodic yet resonating voices, and for the first call to prayer of the day they recite what is called the Azan. In Islam Allah is praised in ceremonial prayer five times a day, with each set prayer time announced by the Muezzin.

Zen Alarm Clock

A Zen alarm clock works by slowly and gently arousing you form sleep. Melodic wind chimes begin several minutes before you actually want to be woken up, getting very gradually and progressively louder as time passes. The idea behind this is that you will always be woken with the minimal amount of noise as you can turn it off once your eyes open.

Sonic Bomb® With Super Shaker™

This super alarm was created by Sonic Alert® who specialise in hearing solutions for the partially deaf. It has since been marketed to anyone who has difficulty waking up in the morning. The alarm itself goes off at 113db when set at top volume, but this can be switched off. The best thing about this alarm is the bed shaker. A 12v pad slots neatly under your mattress and begins to vibrate when it’s time to get up, getting faster and more violent the longer you lay there. Not ideal for folding beds as it will probably cause them to collapse with you inside them!


Anyone who has ever had children will know that they do not know the meaning of the words ‘lie in’ until they hit the age of thirteen, when it suddenly becomes all they ever want to do! Most people with babies under three find that they never need to set an alarm as they are always woken at the crack of dawn. And 2am. And 4am. And 5am…
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