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Why the Cradle Hospital is Your Best Bet for a Painless Delivery Process

While delivering a baby is a cause for joy, the process of parturition can be quite painful by itself. This can thereby dampen the joy of delivery by causing the pregnant woman a lot if hitherto non-experienced pain and discomfort. The concept of painless delivery is sounds too good to be true for many peoples. Many mothers have had to undergo a terribly painful birthing process, but this is not going to be the case for much longer. There are now hospitals available that are able to assure pregnant women a painless birthing process that is not only pain free but also quiet successful.
Cradle Hospital
One of the medical facilities that have distinguished itself in the provision of these medical services is the Cradle hospital. This hospital provides a pain free and successful delivery process that is handled by medical experts with the right qualifications and extensive experience in delivering new lives. Here is why they are able to provide one of the most sought after medical services.
Epidural injections

Epidural Injections

An epidural injection is a general anesthetic that is delivered to the patient via injection at the base of the spine. It is able to dull the sensation of pain that the woman feels in her lower extremities, specifically at the pelvic and vaginal areas while ensuring that she maintains muscle control and mobility. These injections can only be given by a medical professional at the behest of a qualified medical doctor. The effect of epidural injections is what forms the basis of the painless delivery process. By numbing the sensation of pain while maintaining muscle control, the injection provides relief from pain and comfort while ensuring that the delivery process is not in any way hampered.
Family support during the delivery process

Delivery Process

For any woman delivering a baby, the support of her family and close friends can make the difference between an enjoyable and successful experience and one that is painful and uncomfortable. The Cradle hospital understands how much the pregnant women rely on the care and support that they get from their families to get through the delivery process. As a result, they provide a facility that allows family members to be with the expecting mother all the time and share the experience of the delivery process first hand. They provide special delivery rooms that allow the family members to take part in the process. When combined with the epidural injections that have been given, the woman is able to have a successful delivery with little or no discomfort. 

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